Concrete Cleaning

Whether your looking to get your pool apron ready for summer fun, clean brighten and seal your driveway, or remove years of caked on dirt and grime from your concrete patio or pavers. Aqua Pro Cleaning Solutions can help. With the ability to produce 200 degree water we can get those grease stains, oil spots and scum off quite effectively.

Concrete cleaning, is it necessary?

Great question! Other than the pleasing ascetic results achieved, routine periodic concrete cleaning of your drive, walk, patio, pavers or pool area will extend its service life and augment its beauty. The results of newly cleaned concrete are very distinguishable. (Also read)

Although water alone can remove dirt from concrete, cleaning agents are often needed to remove specific stains. Using the wrong chemicals or using them incorrectly however can make a bad situation worse.

Damaged concrete

Damaged concrete

A very common mistake during concrete cleaning is to use Muratic acid as the end all solution for removing stains. Muratic acid does have its place in the world of restoration but put in the wrong hands and used for the wrong purpose can cause irreversible damage to your concrete surfaces.

Oil, mildew, ground in dirt and carbonaceous deposits are the most common contaminants removed through the medium of power washing. Generally an alkaline de-greaser will greatly increase the success rate of removal. In severe situations hot water may need to be employed. The de-greaser acts as an emulsifier (an act that bonds two immiscible liquids together) Helping to solubilize and suspend oil, grease or other normally water insoluble compounds which can then be flushed out with hot or cold water.

We use a combination of wands, tips, cleaning agents and surface spinners in conjunction with hot or cold water to facilitate our cleaning.

A water-less alternative

Re KreteRe-Krete Water less oil cleaner: A finely granulized waterless concrete cleaning compound integrated with active cleaning agents and chemically engineered bio-organics designed to breakdown hydrocarbon petroleum matter with no harmful effects to plants, humans, animals, or soil from concrete without the use of water as a carrier, catalyst, or neutralizing agent. ReKRETE is a DRY powder spread with a broom that requires no rinsing or removal and is a valuable solution in sensitive environmental areas and locations with water restrictions.

What about sealing?concrete cleaning

In a nutshell, sealing your driveway or decorative concrete will extend its service life and improve the appearance of decorative concrete by enhancing the color.

Sealing prevents unwanted mavericks from penetrating the concrete such as water, salts, chemicals, dirt and plant growth. Water intrusion and erosion contribute to cracks, de-lamination and pop-outs due to the constant freeze/thaw cycles the concrete is subjected to. There is no one product on the market that can prevent 100% of these issues but a high grade sealer will greatly reduce potential damage and add years of life to your property.

There are different types of sealers to choose from. The type of surface that is to be sealed and the desired results will determine whats best for the situation. The most common types are either film-forming acrylic resin based sealers in either water or solvant base and penetrating sealers such as the “five S’s” Si-lanes, Siloxanes, Silicates, Siliconates and Silicone. There are also Epoxies, Polyurethanes and Polyaspartics.

Some sealers, such as epoxies are generally used only indoors as they tend to trap moisture and are subject to yellowing. Other sealers such as the Seal Green salt defense product we use is a chemically reactive penetrating sealer with a topical membrane that is both Hydro and Olio-phobic. The sealer is an odorless, water based solution of potassium methyl siliconate developed to effectively treat a wide range of concrete, natural stone and masonry surfaces. It provides long lasting protection without altering the natural appearance of the substrate. Some of the benefits to this sealer include:

*Reduces water absorption into the substrate,
*Reduces spalling due to freeze-thaw and efflorescence,
*Increases useful life of the substrate,
*Is colorless and non-yellowing,
*Preserves the natural appearance,
*Penetrating and breathable,
*Densifies the substrate,
*Suitable for indoor and outdoor use,
*Effective on horizontal and vertical surfaces,
*Low VOC, Nonflammable,

How concrete is formed and why a Siliconate is advantageous PDFp1, PDFp2 (click to open or Right click and “save link as”)

In addition to providing cleaning and sealing services to concrete, Aqua Pro Cleaning Solutions also restores brick and concrete patio pavers and stamped concrete surfaces. Pavers generally need to be cleaned to remove weeds, moss, biological stains and dirt. Once clean, often times polymeric sand is brushed in to enhance the appearance and assist in locking the paver into place. Once set, the pavers will be sealed. Generally a medium to high gloss look is desired and is obtained by using a pro grade acrylic sealer like Elite Cretes CSS Emulsion. A slip-resistant aggregate can be added for safety.

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