Contractor of the year

What an honor it is for Aqua Pro Cleaning Solutions to be recognized in the nations most reputable High Pressure Water Application trade magazine, the Cleaner Times.  We are proud to be the June recipient award winner of the PWNA’s contractor spotlight “Contractor of the month award.  We have done our best to keep abreast on industry changes, product updates and current training. The dilligence to reach the benchmarks already established by those that have made it to the top have helped to make this honor a reality.

Cleaner Times magazine is published monthly out of Little Rock, Ark and is on the cutting edge of the power washing industry.  Their publication is a main staple for all those in this profession that are serious about being the best. Aqua Pro owes a debt of gratitude to the PWNA and the Cleaner Times for their contributions to the wide world of pressure cleaning.

It’s our PRIVILEGE to be associated with the best of the best! Thank you PWNA and the Cleaner Times!

UPDATE: March, 2007 – Las Vegas Nevada. PWNA/Deck Expo Convention. Aqua Pro Cleaning Solutions named “Contractor of the YEAR!” Thanks again PWNA!!!

contractor of the year

Contractor of the year. Las Vegas Nevada, March 2007

Contractor of the month, June 2006

Contractor of the month, June 2006