Graffiti Removal

It would seem as though every city, both large and small has been plagued by graffiti. Usually it comes in the form of gang signs. Rival members marking their “turf.” Or it could be just a random act of vandalism. Either way, graffiti “tagged” surfaces are unsightly and promote the illicit activity of the vandals. Graffiti is vandalism. It scars the community, hurts property values and diminishes our quality of life.

Graffiti defined by the American Heritage College Dictionary: “a drawing or an inscription made on a wall or other surface.”

The two main methods of graffiti removal are chemical and mechanical. Chemical graffiti removal consists of using solvents or other materials to break down the molecular bond of the coating and the substrate or surface. The second method is mechanical. The coating is removed by blasting with sand, water or soda media.

We have the ability to do both, however we have found the chemical process to provide the best results as the substrate is left virtually undisturbed.


Aqua Pro uses Professional grade products for its graffiti removal. These products are commercial grade solvents not found at your local box stores. Used in conjunction with a hot water pressure washer our system has proven extremely effective in graffiti removal.

Following is a list of surfaces that our cleaning agents has been used on to successfully remove graffiti.


*Smooth Surfaces
*Trash Bins
*Street Signs
*Commercial Vehicles
*Painted Masonry
*Aluminum Surfaces
*Railroad Cars
*Postal Boxes
*Glass & Wood
*Public Bathrooms
*Cinder Block
*Terra Cotta
and many other surfaces.

Graffiti removal strategies that get results. Give Aqua Pro a call today to get a quote