Gutter Guards

There are many choices available to the homeowner in the way of gutter guards for protection in today’s market. How do you know which one is right for you? Well the first thing you need to understand and know is that there is no 100% foolproof system available when it comes to gutter guards. Many companies offer a 25 year or “lifetime” guarentee to never clog but the fact of the matter is that all gutter guards may need an occasional cleaning.

Having said that, the question remains, “Is it worth having gutter guards installed on my home?” or “Should I even have gutters at all?”

The answer is a resounding YES to both! A high quality and designed gutter guard system like the Perma Flow system that Aqua Pro Cleaning Solutions uses is, in our opinion far superior to other systems in use.

Gutters 101

Some debris will eventually collect on top of any gutter protection system. What little debris may collect however will be much easier and quicker to clean off then it would be to remove large amounts of rotting leaves, seeds, shingle rock and twigs from the gutter tray.

Some inherent and common problems with screens or foam type systems are that they 1) Clog up, usually much faster than you would expect. Once clogged they simply stop working which leads to multiple problems to your home. 2) The required maintenance on some of these systems is excessive, as much as cleaning gutters without any protection at all in some cases. 3) In the case of screens, they can cause damage as the weight increases with the debris that has collected on them. This added weight has been known to bend gutters, change the pitch so that it won’t properly drain and in some cases even pull them away from the home! 4) Cheap plastic, metal or foam systems are prone to rust, crack or cave in. 5) In winter, ice dams can form on top of a clogged gutter. During the next thaw, water runoff is blocked from going through the downspout and can back up in the house which can lead to major wall and ceiling damage. 6) Clogged screens and foam systems prevent the water from entering the gutter tray. This leads to water flowing over the edge in a mini waterfall.

You see, it comes down to proper water management. Rain falling onto your roof does not disperse in the same manner that it does on your lawn. On a roof, the water accumalates and cascades down into a torrent by the time it reaches the edge. Without gutters or a free and clean gutter system, the water would end up around your home’s foundation. Drenched dirt surrounding your foundation can lead to cracks and mold growth. Proper drainage also helps to keep moisture away from the Facia preventing wood rot.

According to an article posted on the Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate website, “The purpose of a gutter system is to help control the flow of water from the roof to the ground, preventing rain damage to the exterior of the home, erosion, and to help protect the landscaping from washing away.” This is why it is so important to keep your gutters in good condition and free from debris.

Other benefits of using a high quality gutter protection system.

*They stop your gutters from prematurely rusting from the moisture caused by debris just sitting in them.
*They help to stop blockages that cause water to back up and overflow into your home.
*They stop insects and vermin, such as mosquito’s, mice, cockroaches and spiders from breeding inside the
 gutters by reducing the stagnate water that forms with clogged gutters.
*They act as a barrier for rodents such as rats, birds and possums who also like to breed inside gutters.
*They help keep dry material away from the roof, which is extremely important in areas prone to fires.
*Lastly, a more modern use for gutter guards is for use in rain harvesting, by improving the flow of water, and
 filtering out more contaminants for cleaner water in your storage tanks, gutter guards have become a useful
 tool in this process.

Introducing Perma Flow-

gutter guardsUnlike conventional aluminum gutter guards that have visible holes that can become plugged, Perma Flow features raised domes that keep leaves off the water drain surface. This high performance design ensures that water drains fast and debris dries quickly and is blown off by a gentle breeze. The Perma Flow Gutter Guard System is made using a revolutionary design that prevents roofing granules and leaf stems from getting trapped in the openings. By combining this new manufacturing process and creating it with exterior grade aluminum, Perma Flow Gutter Guards are in our opinion, one of the best gutter guard systems on the market!

The Science Behind Gutter Guard Installations-

How do Perma Flow gutter guard systems keep water flowing freely into gutters and at the same time keep debris out? The design of these gutter guards draw water into the openings as water flows over the roof and onto the gutter guards. But due to it’s superior construction, leaves, pine needles and other debris are unable to enter the channels that water flows into. Instead the water is carried down into channels and the leaves and other debris simply fall over the edge of the gutter guard system, or blow off in a gentle breeze and onto the ground below. In trial after trial, Perma Flow gutter guard systems have proven effective in ending problems with gutter clogging and debris buildup while maintaining water flow.

The Benefits Of Perma Flow Gutter Guard Installations


    Precision engineering, included hardware, and simple instructions make this an easy job with a power screwdriver.


    Don’t worry about heavy downpours. Perma Flow can handle almost any amount of rainfall. (Field tested using 13” per hour water drain test)


    Raised domes allow leaves and pine needles to dry and blow away more quickly than conventional flat gutter guards that collect debris.


    Unlike many gutter guards, Perma Flow has a glove-friendly, easy-to-clean surface. Simply spray or brush off and you’re done.


    Rest easy, even if you live near the ocean or in a humid climate. Perma Flow aluminum stands up to algae, mildew and salt oxidation.

  • TOUGH.

    Rigid construction ensures that Perma Flow stays secure in high winds and won’t cave in to ice and snow.


    Perma Flow comes with a 10 year free-flowing gutter guarantee

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