House Washing

Exterior restoration consists of a variety of surfaces to be cleaned including vinyl and aluminum sided homes, Stucco, EIFS, Dryvit, Wood surfaces such as clapboard, lap siding, Cedar shake and shingles, Brick, Natural stone and Fiber Cement.

Covering both residential and commercial properties, we can identify and remove foreign matter like dirt, ferrous oxide stains, mineral stains like white scum, vanadium and efflorescence, oil, hydrocarbons, mold, mildew, atmospheric pollution and biological stains from these types of surfaces.

We employ a proven low pressure cleaning process and have washed just about every type of exterior structure including one of our most treasured national monuments, The Lincoln Memorial.

Hiring a competent power washer is critical when it comes time to protect your investment with periodic cleaning. The type of surface that is to be cleaned as well as the condition and types of stains present dictate which cleaning agents are to be used, at what concentrations, the proper dwell times, how many applications and whether or not hot water is required.

Don’t take risks on damages to your home by using an untrained house washing company that uses high pressure to clean! Aqua Pro Cleaning Solutions has been trained in house washing using approved industry standards. We don’t use high pressure cleaning methods.

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Contractor used the wrong cleaner and caused permanent damage. (Clk 2 xpnd)

Contractor used the wrong cleaner and caused permanent damage. (Clk 2 xpnd)

In respect to vinyl sided homes, Most siding manufactures suggest you clean or power wash your siding every year for proper maintenance. Most people don’t know that thousands of dollars in damage can result if your not properly trained. Even using mild cleaning solutions from hardware stores can cause extensive damage as seen in the adjacent photo. We use only environmentally friendly chemicals that are biodegradable and safe.


Only properly trained professionals with the education and experience essential to perform these tasks correctly would be prudent.

Dryvit vs Stucco
What are those black dots?

NOTE: Due to the nature of some stains, the length of time left untreated and the porosity of the surface they are embedded into, some shadowing may remain. This is not unlike treating deeply embedded oil stains within concrete. Some stains become inert and will not come out without removing the actual surface. Compare to a pair of white sneakers that have been worn while hiking for two years. No amount of cleaning will completely restore them to “show room shine”. This is why regular maintenance has far reaching benefits.